Are you looking to advertise properties in today’s competitive market? Owning a home is the Australian Dream, and there is no better way to market this and reach the right people than with creative real estate videography and property photography.


About the solution


What is realestate content production?

To promote properties and showcase their best features to more people, you need professional real estate videographers and photographers to create promotional content for your properties to stand out in the market and get noticed.

Pixflix are your real estate content production partners

Pixflix Productions works with Western Sydney Real EstateAgencies, Agents, Vendors and Landlords to produce engaging real estate videos and property photos that highlight homes so you can close the sale and earn a phenomenal result.

With years of real estate video production experience in Western Sydney working with leading agencies such as Century 21, Professionals and McGrath, we know how to craft and execute the perfect property videos and real estate photos for homes of all types.

How to use real estate production services

Professional real estate photography and property videography are the best way to market Western Sydney properties for a smoother and more effective sales process.

At Pixflix Productions, we produce real estate content which includes:

  • Agency and Agent Profiles
  • Real Estate Agency Marketing
  • Promotional property Videography
  • Property Tours
  • Real Estate Auction Coverage 
How our realestate content producers work with you

At Pixflix Productions, we have extensive real estate content production experience. We act as a creative extension of your team so you can effectively market properties across Western Sydney. As a full-service real estate video production agency, we take care of the entire videography and photography process from preparation to production and beyond.

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