Looking for a better streaming solution than just your phone? We can help with single camera or multi-camera live streams. We can stream to multiple destinations and can take care of setting up private links for you to share or embed on your own web page.

Our specialty is live-streaming from live events such as funerals, weddings and concerts, but we’re able to stream anything you need.

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School Graduations/Presentations

We can stream any school events from graduations to presentations and even information nights. We will stream it via your preferred channel such as Facebook.

With a multi camera system we can even integrate slides into the stream. 


Do you still want to get married and share your day with your loved ones?


We have two options for wedding couples from single camera to multi camera, we can send it to your virtual guests via YouTube. 

Dance or Theatre Shows

With our multi camera systems we can showcase your Dance or Theatre Show with perfectly timed edits in real time. We can stream to YouTube or to a Facebook Page. 

Additional charges apply for a pay to view system.


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