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Pixflix Productions has filmed dance concerts for over 5 years. Our Creative Director Adam has been part of the dance world for over 30 years as both a dancer and teacher. 

Due to Adams passion behind the performing arts industry, Pixflix Production is the best company your dance and performing arts concerts or showcases.

With our skilled videographers and perfectly timed edits you wont regret choosing Pixflix Productions to be your concert team.

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Standard Videography 

Our standard videography packages is a must have for your video needs. It includes a two camera setup plus post production, to capture and craft your show. 

Additional options are available so if you require anything else please get in touch. 


Live-Editing is becoming more popular with dance concerts, for the simple reason that you will get a much faster turn around of the final product. The use of our live editing switcher means we can still record in a multi camera situation, but make all the cuts live on the night. 

After the show we take the live edits back and make any changes that we want in post production prior to delivery.

Concert Promo Videos

So Pixflix has filmed your Concert and now you want to start marketing for the next year! Why not use the footage from your concert. 

We can take your concert and choose the most dynamic and/or moments that showcase your school and put it all together in a 1 minute promo video. This is great for social media and your marketing.


Pixflix Productions uses Mediazilla for all our dance concert deliveries. 

For an example of these please send me an email bellow.


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